Beach Fitness 24/7

Empower Your Lifestyle!

Personal Training

Helping People in Our Community Empower Their  Full Potential!

From beginners to advanced athletes, we’re dedicated to making exercise such a compelling experience, that people want to make health and  fitness a lifelong commitment. Combining user-friendly, innovative equipment, training and education, we’re determined to help you meet your healthy lifestyle goals.

Our unique connection with our clients ” inside and out”  benefit them with our  top of the line exercise equipment . Professional guidance & monitoring if and as needed. You may continue into a structured fitness program 24/7 with the center designed  for you by your trainer.  Their personal detailed regiment will enable them to set up your individual program to improve your health and endurance to ” feel your best”. Periodic personal training is recommended at  your convenience to make your program work best for you.

A well seasoned senior medical professional will guide you through the physical solutions program respectfully. You will be an active participant in the program and decision making process throughout your training. We use state-of-the-art physical training regiments and solutions in coordination with state of the art  exercise equipment.

Senior Personal Training and Medical Training

Specializes in the evaluation and support programs for musculoskeletal disorders. Our emphasis is on personal Health & Fitness inside and out with ongoing conditioning beyond your prescribed program regimen. Request that your doctor refer you to Beach Fitness 24/7 & Physical Health Solutions. We accept referrals from medical specialties such as Orthopedics, Podiatry,  Physiatrist,  Neurology,  Family Practice,  Rheumotology, Dentistry & more.

Our Programs

We offer senior personal instruction and training, post surgical rehabilitation, total joint rehabilitation, sport-specific rehabilitation, neck and back pain therapies, myofacial release regiments, core specialization programs, back to work programs, injury prevention management programs,  physical fitness & wellness programs, free weights, balance & flexibility and medical rehab family fitness programs.

Senior Personal Medical Training  creates comfort , treats you with respect and thoughtfulness inside and out!


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